Some of our most asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Are your services covered under Medicare?

No, our services are private care. We don't provide any skilled nursing care Our services cover domestic care ( hygeine assitance, light housekeeping, companionship etc).

Do I need a referral from a doctor?

No, a refferal isn't required. We do require a full history on the client’s condition (medications, surgeries, hospital visits and diagnosis) as well contact information on all care providers (Primary physician, ophthalmologist, neurologist, etc.).

How long before services can begin?

Services usually begins one week after the client signs the contract and payment has been received.

What is the difference with Staff (In-House) Cargivers and Independent Cargivers?

Staff (In-House) Caregivers are directly employed by Nightingale Wings, LLC. They are paid directly from Nightingale Wings, LLC. They are also under contract with Nightingale Wings, LLC. Independent Caregivers are independent workers are that referred by Nightingale Wings, LLC based on the clients specific needs. They are paid directly from the client. Nightingale Wings, LLC maintains a registry of caregivers that work independently.

Will my insurance cover for these services?

Based on your insurance coverage some plans offer reimbursment payments for services provided. Contact your insurance provider to review your current policy.

Do you provide services overnight?

Yes, this can be arranged according to your particular needs. Note additional fees may apply.

Do you provide services on the weekends?

Yes, services are provide as needed.